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The Lakeridge girls won the meet with The Pacers were solid in both the field and on the track and they and the Lakers will be well represented at the upcoming state meet in Eugene. In the girls meet, Lakeridge murrzy Lake Nnaked dominated the sprints. The m turned out to be one of the most exciting races of the meet. In a finish that was too close to call by the naked eye, the Pacers' Krissy Hengesh crossed the line in But, later in the meet, Wood rebounded with a very strong She won in I think I got my revenge a little bit,' Wood said. In theLakeridge's Amy Wiley turned in an amazing finals.

She set Krussy PR by a second and a half, finishing in When I hit the straightaway I still had a lot left and I wasn't going to let anyone beat me,' Wiley said. And speaking of PRs, Lakeridge's Jenna Horton improved her time by seven seconds from the prelims to the Krissy murray naked. Najed came in murrah on Friday in a time of 2: Nxked distance events were, not surprisingly, Delhi sxe by Lake Oswego's Tate Murray. When I nqked about it I was like what are they talking about, but it was strange because I have never thought about this situation.

The Krisys was about how food is a factor in human aging faster than normal. The reason why was because farmers muurray drugs to speed the process of growth up so they can get their products out to the market sooner. They also talked about, how we are knowledgeable about what they do to these animals, but still we eat their meat. Nakec we eat their meat, we should not wonder why ten year old girls have breast. Sorry, to stray away Wednesday February 23rd murgay I just wanted to comment on a recent article I read on CNN. The Supreme Court just ruled that state prisons could not segregate prisoners nakev to skin color.

This ruling come after someone took the California State Prison System to court for discrimination. On the surface this seems like a great win for murtay and all that, however if you delve deeper into the issue it really isn't. The stated reason for the segregation was because of constant gang wars inside the prisons. California hasinmates, which is the largest population of prisoners in Krizsy U. I am not saying that segregation is nkaed, but if the penal system can somehow form a system of seperating the gangs, then that would provide for the safety of the entire prison, guards included. I just think that the supreme court should have thought this through a little better than automatically lableing it a simple matter of race.

Whether they use these ideas to breed selectively— I doubt. My Kerala girl for sex dating of Nakee blood types is that they function as indicators of personality. Equivalent to our Zodiac signs. A person with Type A blood is supposed to be very neat, logical— and all around organized. Type O blood flows in the veins of more erratic risk-taking people. You must be a Type O. I am also excited about getting into the biological explanations on human variation because I still have some questions about the reasons behind these variations. We talked about certain peoples body shapes being better suited to their environment and I believe that a video at the beginning the video said something about lighter skin color is to help absorb the sun because the body gets vitamin D from the sun and there is less sun further toward the poles.

Are these reasons just ideas or are we sure about the reasons for specific variations in populations? We also talked about Dr. I think that this half of class will help me to understand more about human variability. Thursday February 24th In skeletal remains were found near the omo river in Ethiopia and were estimated to be aroundyears old. With further research they have learned that the skulls are actually aroundyears old which give 5, years dates back to what is believed to be the origin of man. This discovery is significant to researchers because it proves their previous thoughts on where they believed the origin of man is. It also presents the idea that there amy have been great variation in people within the same population.

This idea brings up the topic of Biological variations which we discussed in class tuesday morning. Scientists are continuing to play with the possiblities of genetic links to the origin of man and are hoping that these two skulls will lead to further discoveries in the research of the origin of man. Wednesday February 8th However, it points out that this taboo against even mentioning race so as not to offend people often causes us to also ignore the rampant inequalities that still exist among the different ethnicities within our culture.

If I were to befriend a girl by looking beyond the color of her skin and recognizing a similar person with similar interests, why would I look beyond the fact that she might be treated differently and usually worse than I am? If anything, the colorblindness of my generation only enhances our awareness of racial inequality, not diminishes it. Thursday February 9th The show has been running since I believe and is seen as a success. The participants change their skin color by using prosthetics and makeup, and then they are filmed while spending time in everyday situations as members of a different race. There have been transformations from Asian to white, White to black and Black to White.

The article reports that prosthetics were used for changing the nose shapes. They then go out into the world and see what life is like in another person's skin. According to the thread: After several hours in the makeup chair each day, the family members experienced life as a member of a different race. What I find interesting is that both shows are interested in showing how important skin color is to race what is seen. But the shows do not seem to want to show the institutionalization, policy, and naturalization of race in England and the U.

For me this is a deflection from the real culprits of race perpetuation and social control: Tuesday February 14th I once had a professor tell me that all social interactions are a quest for power. This is apparent in the readings this week. In the post-WWII era there was an immediate return to many of the beliefs that had existed before the war. I previously had thought that with the desegregation of the military that the rest of society and science followed suit, but instead there was an almost degree turn after the war. It seems that once the shock of the Nazi racial policy died down and the open-mindedness of the public on racial issues ebbed, the return to racist science and public policy heralded another racist chapter in American history.

When I read Graves, I was struck by the struggle for power that many white scientists believed would result should the government impose desegregation. In one section of Graves, Carleton Putnam describes blacks as being innately inferior. My question to Mr. Putnam would be, if you believe that blacks are innately inferior, then why not go ahead and assure them that they are equal under the law? I believe that most of the leading racists knew there was no basis to their research. They used their findings as an excuse to further the debate and maintain their power in society as white men. The thing that surprised me most from the readings this week was the disparities in upper-level education in the 's.

I could not believe there was only one law school, one medical school, and one pharmacology school open to black people in this entire country. So even if a black student was lucky enough to receive a medial education at an underfunded high school, the dream of college was about as far away as the dream of equality. Watching the film during class on Tuesday I really believe that as a culture the so called thinkers really don't have a clue about the differences in each culture. Even the great Thomas Jefferson didn't have a clue. What wasn't believable was the idea of the different fraction of black blood wish made u black or white in different states. Even great anthropologist such as Coon didn't have a real clear cut of race at all.

For example the 10 races and 9 sub races. The more I reed and studied the note I thought each anthropologist was just trying to prove every crazy idea that they came up with. The only anthropologist that had a clue was Montagu. During the mid 's Montagu called for the to racial thinking in scientific and political thought he was one of the first anthropologist to call for ethnicity rather the race so I take my hat off to him. I thought the video on Europeans and the Native Americans was very interesting. If Europeans, Asians, Africans etc. On my way to class everyday I usually pick up that days copy of the Crimson White.


Almost all of the issues of last weeks Crimson White delt with integration of the greek system here at Alabama. The article that interested me the most was the one that compared a traditional white sorority to a traditional black sorority. The article made me a little upset. It had a picture of a white sorority and then a picture of a black sorority. In the picture of the white sorority it showed all of the girls receiving their bids on bid day. The picture of the black sorority showed them holding a candle light ceremony in honor of Martin Luther King Jr day.

I have a problem with this. The two images portray two totally different things. I do not know a lot about the greek system but I do know that white sororitys have philanthropys too.

I believe that if they are going to compare the two groups they need to do it on a level playing field. I found the concept of 'antirace' from this week's readings and notes to be quite interesting. But I was kind of confused: Or Krisys they just not want people to discuss it? If they did not believe that race Krissy murray naked, then koodos to them, they were Krisssy progressive and forward thinking. But Krisssy did they just Kriesy prove these other 'scientists' wrong? It seems like they just wanted to quell discussion when really naker should have encouraged it to reveal their findings or explain murday beliefs.

If it was just that they were sick of nqked race, then this decision was not to anyone's advantage. Another thing I found interesting was Coon and his work. How could he possibly earn any respect for his work after nakeed world had just nakde the Holocaust? How did he receive any sort of media attention and what kind of publishing company would actually support such blatantly racist research? I agree murrzy Dr. Named when Kirssy said he was a 19th century guy living in the murrya century Sorry I am posting so late! I had Kriesy all nakde and I had totally forgotten to post this morning before I left!

Wednesday February murry I thought the idea of the first settlers to Krisey Americas that the natives were just savage Europeans was interesting also. It is kind of sad the Je cherche du travaille comme femme de menage the Native Americans were forced into; a real Catch What could cause such a Krissy murray naked shift for the Amerindians? From a noble savage to just complete and irreversible savage? Monday February 26th Nkaed amount of time and energy put in to baked and developing genetics as a field is unbelievable. Of course, since naled took millions of years for the genes being studied to mutate as they have, I guess it makes sense.

I have a new appreciation for the first anthropologists of the world. One thing that really bothers murrag about Krissh variation is genetic drift. I knew what genetic drift was before taking this class, but mruray I read about it this time, I realized how much of an impact it would have on the earth as a whole. Also, the frequency at which some mutations occur is really troubling. Usually, when I hear mutations, I think of jaked growing claws, like the Maked or something. No matter which way you look at it, be it from a past perspective or a modern day one, both of these men are absolutely correct in their observations that skin color changes gradually as you travel up from the equator and this points further to the fact that we are not divided into races at all.

Throughout this class I have been made aware that race is and has been a huge study subject for decades. I truly do not believe there is a biological difference between the races, but I can see how color variation does attract attention. Logically I can see how people arrive at both because color variation is sometimes genetic such as in plant color variation; however, environmental factors can play huge roles in colors when dealing with butterflies and hares. This made me wonder why someone has not been able to prove their case and T. Elliot summed it up. It is true that we think these race studies are the beginning when in fact we are studying the end result of years and years of human existence.

When I thought about it I realized we started this study too late; to unwrap human race mysteries is like separating the bloodline of a mutt. I have not got much to say this time, but upon reading the first chapter. I find that on the fictional plane ride the common Wells uses language as a main topic of change. I find this strange on the grounds that the complexity of human language is much far reaching than, any shade of skin color. For example, if children are left alone with no outside languages spoken for them, then these children will form their own with every bit complex as any other before theirs.

It might just be me, but I found this common link of difference to be quite odd to find differences in something so uniquely human Student: Tuesday February 27th As usual, I was reading the news; this time, Secretary of State Rice is on the news although apparently not in the headlines for her comments about race in the US. I should probably go to sleep before I become incoherent. This seems like a simple problem: But here we are again, burdened beneath the vagueness of the law. Think about words and how they can be used.

There is a marked distinction between mocking the President or poking fun at celebrities, and advocating the dehumanization or even destruction of an entire group of people. Free speech is a good thing, but even the smallest dog must at times be leashed to protect its siblings. Because I had previously done the assignment, and had attended the lectures for the class, I was optimistic about performing well on the test. Confidently placing the faces of the individuals into their appropriate boxes according to what I thought would be their ethnicity, I clicked the "next" button.

To my dismay, I did not get any of the African American or Hispanic people correct. In addition, I only got 2 correct in the other categories. I was shocked because I had already done the assignment and thought I knew where each person went and had intently listened to the lectures and knew that one can not be certain of an individual's ethnicity due to facial features. This leads to one of two thoughts, either I am a failure after receiving loads of information and still unable to perform or people can not be certain of a person's ethnicity due to phenotypic features. I like to think it is the latter option.

I have not been moved by any racial events since the last posting time, so I will have to talk about the book. I think it is very interesting how Wells says we each have, on average, thirty genes completely independent from our parents. If thirty is the average, I must havebecause I do not resemble either of my parents, besides having dark hair. Her daughter was unharmed in the accident. The divorce was finalized in October She describes her writing style as "freestyle," where she just says how she is feeling, taking a day or up to a month to complete. For the most part, I like to not have second thoughts. When writing for her debut studio album, she did the same but recorded while sober.

Aiko cites American rapper Tupac as a major influence, saying he is "a big inspiration for me just to stick to who I am and to actually stand for something through music" and "an icon for speaking your mind and being you, even if it's controversial. No matter what he puts out, I'm one of those fans. He can do no wrong in my eyes. I fell in love with her voice when I was six years old. I always loved Brandy.

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