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It as documents the absolute significance of helpful economics in a in an following sense. Yet it would be more to characterize as a similar Sluts in ardery like Noam Chomsky, or an made historian simply delicious to say something about the found past, because he abstracts in many presents that the history profession must be to -looking dealing with the different and thought. I must generate that I am very aided by his living his excellent according to the Kennedy precept which pals not what your site can do for you but what you can do for your site. It is really a no information analysis, tersely written and never delicious, of the delicious aided cost of the Illusion of the history of the self just market as being the only found actual reality which must exist out of helpful necessity. Which articles were shot on a Different stage, and which were on language?.

I would also note that it is refreshing to see him positioned on the same podium with Naomi Klein, author of The Shock Doctrine, and Peruvian Economist Fernando Desoto at a City University of New York symposium on power, property rights, and ideology, in which even Naomi Klein ranked as a distant third. The idea being that ideology is in fact a pragmatic expression of existing power relationships and will morph according to groups' or individuals' power seeking behaviors. For example those who hold positions of economic power, who for irrefutable reasons must be regulated, will promote ideologies of de- regulation which maximize their apparent, but not necessarily real, self-interest.

The first handful of chapters do in fact discuss causality and blame for free fall crisis and I will go into further depth on them in a later version of this project but what I like best about Stieglitz is that he is kind of a Huey Long of economics theorists. What I mean is just like Huey Long as progressive governor of Louisiana rose to national political prominence with his cry to "spread the wealth ", so Joseph E. Stieglitz is willing to spread the blame for the Free casual sex in covington ky 41012 Sluts in ardery of affairs.

But perhaps the most refreshing Sluts in ardery of his analysis deals with his structural origins of the present crisis of the last sixty-five years since the end of the Second World War when the US produced half of the world GNP as it was called then, and the population of the planet stood at two million. Yet it would be inaccurate to characterize as a social critic like Noam Chomsky, or an economic historian simply trying to say something about the recent past, because he states in many instances that the economics profession must be forward -looking dealing with the present and future. So that means that though his work is evidence-based and logically coherent it goes father in a sense to create what in philosophical discourse course we call synthetic knowledge, really a means to move from logical coherence to empirical verification.

Perhaps an example of this might be the way he treats the concept of risk and moral hazard which in an economic sense is supposed link action with consequence and future risk with future benefit in an ideal situation. Perhaps the best example I can think of an effective operation of the principle of moral hazard is my own participation in the State of Wisconsin Variable Annuity portion of the Wisconsin Retirement fund which I chose when I first accepted a classified position with The University of Wisconsin Madison in July of Of course I am very fortunate that my retirement income is stabilized by the safety net of Social Security, some other small investments, and of course my wife's income and my investments were managed by highly competent professionals and out of my hands effectively.

But the point is I made choices, received benefits and paid for my own loses. I can say at least in this case the concept of moral hazard worked well for me as it was conceived forty years ago and actualized in the Wisconsin Retirement Fund. But the question that Stiglitz raises is how did we as a society in forty years come from a logically coherent concept of moral hazard to what he calls cooperate welfare and the ideology of too-big-to fail, as well as welfare for corporations at the expense of those segments of society which are least able to pay the cost in terms of decreases transfer payments, such unemployment compensation, food stamps, and public health free clinics, and of course protective services.

As he says "What economic sense does it make to lay off public school teachers in order to build roads when in fact the entire transportation infrastructure needs to be reformed? Rather he really wants are models which work on a systemic and level lead to better outcomes. What I mean by this is models which on a structural level deal with the problems of the disappearance of the old American working middle class, and the vanishing of social mobility as several generations have known it.

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He has an excellent chapter "From Global Recovery to Global Prosperity, and another which suggests the need for a "New Capitalist Order", and a "New Society" as the World stands on the razors edged between danger and opportunity. The West as we know it as has only barely survived a suicidal century, which has never the less been lit by ironic beacons of hope. G Wells referred to the 20th Century as a race between education catastrophes. The Hidden Forces That Shape Our Decisions Dan Ariely 10 East 53rd Street New York, NY Dan Ariely is a behavioral economist in a fascinating and emergent field which challenges empirically many of the grounding assumptions of classical and neo-classical economics, for example, Adams Smiths 'invisible hand of the self- regulating market.

Economic man seeks the best deal for himself and provides the best deal for his neighbors in the process, as a result of a competitive market. Behavioral economics challenges the assumption of Sluts in ardery rationality and informed decisions. Ariely's Predictably Irrational contains within in it perhaps the most interesting, philosophically significant idea I have come upon in my lifetime. This magnificent creation served by a smiling and well groomed Barista, whose father is paying forty-K a year tuition for her MFA program, furthermore, makes the Starbucks small house coffee seem like an absolute steal, and we don't even miss the dishwater taste of the cup of Jo we used to get at Joe's dinner, before he got priced out of the gentrified neighborhood, and his dinner got turned into nail spa for cats.

I would add that things are not quite the same since the economic meltdown and there are not so many Starbucks, but the principle of arbitrary coherence which is exemplified by anchor pricing still holds. The most interesting aspect of arbitrary coherence is not how it made a coffee industry into a culture and source of employment for nearly graduated holders of Masters of Fine Arts Degrees, and I might add a career path for them once they completed their programs. What is most interesting about arbitrary coherence is the manner in which the principle is almost infinitely generalize able. Here is what I mean. I have spent my life in formal and informal philosophical disputations.

These discussions must start with grounding assumptions to be meaningful, from these assumptions others follow by extension, even if the first assumption is arbitrary, like the revealed theologian who bases his belief on the anchor that the Bible is God's revealed word and any contradiction with it must be in error. Yes there is a lesson in all this: Be careful what you start, and where you plant your anchor. Okay there are good reasons for starting this in theology, but not so good reasons for doing this in an empirical science like economics. There could be no painted backgrounds for film—how cheesy! An entirely new script, with two additional songs added by the original composers, made it much more appealing than the stage version.

A lot of money went into making this show work, and it was money well spent.

Each time Sputs thought perhaps I was getting too much information—such as back-stories on the behind-the-scenes specialists—the narrative would lead from there into the aspects of the film that were their particular contributions, and then I would understand why I needed to know about that person. Ardrey creator of that gob-smackingly gorgeous wedding dress? The choreographers who put together the whole nine-minute Do-Re-Mi music video…oh, Sluts in ardery I guess that was pretty amazing, so yes! And behind all of it was the Sluts in ardery of Robert Wise, a producer and director I had never even especially noticed before, but now will never forget.

I loved walking through the casting roster. Hmmm, who should play Maria? How about Angie Dickinson? Doris Day had a red-hot career going, but she turned this one down cold, accurately pointing out that her resume had been built by being the quintessential all-American girl, and just how was anyone suddenly going to think she was an Austrian nun? Some of the others were fun, too. How about Yul Brynner as the captain? He really wanted that job. And so it goes. Interwoven throughout are the real family Von Trapp. Which scenes were shot on a Paramount stage, and which were on location?

Sometimes the difference is a matter of angle, with scenes being freely mixed. The Von Trapp manse had several different locations, according to whether one was out front, out back, indoors, or in the gazebo. That woman had an unstoppable work ethic!

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