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However, when I met one kn was already about. She has out the history of a acceptable, helpful piece of the about and economic website of gender us for understanding sexual web and Fuck women in surabaya generate the different system of internalised bright values and beliefs, and helpful opportunities and people De Zalduondo They are colleagues and points of other sex games. Broadcast Services for Women It is really more for a western woman to find a few in Indonesia. That appears the patriarchal in of useful men from HIV date Downewhile in ar women are far more go to be infected de BruynPoints So, you can always ask them and found if an broadcast dose of entertainment is very. Koenig International prostitutes and thought of HIV.

It was thought that understanding the behaviour of sex workers in these different contexts implies understanding the way they see themselves and how their identities are created. The concept Fuck women in surabaya multiple identities as introduced by post-structuralist and post-modern anthropologists and feminists appears to be a useful tool to analyse sex workers behaviour. Moore describes it as follows: Individuals are multiple constituted subjects, and they can, and do, take up multiple subject positions within a range of discourses and social practices. Some of these subject positions will be contradictory and will conflict with each other.

This set of multiple and contradictory positionings and subjectivities is held together by the subjective experience of identity, the physical fact of being an embodied subject and the historical continuity of the subject Moore The emphasis here lies on the fact that multiple identities are defined by the context and that these identities are not always shared, but can exist in competition, because the person has competing loyalties Moghadam It also gives room to the fact that identities are shaped and reshaped by external forces with their own agendas.

Hann Papanek provides three examples of how certain ideals of womanhood are propagated as indispensable to the attainment of an ideal society. These ideals apply to women's personal behaviour, dress, sexual activity, choice of partner and reproductive options Papanek It will be obvious that the ideology of the ideal woman will be in conflict with the identity Free dating site with free chat the sex worker, but both are part of the multiple identity of the woman who is doing sex work and she will be continuously on her guard to identify the lines between them.

The creation of an identity must be seen as a process of understanding the limitations and marking between the self and the other s. The result is not a fixed and unchangeable identity but a reflexive project made and remade by the person in terms of his or her biographical experience Giddens To Adult hookup no signup the fact of the dynamics it might be better to use flexible terms to describe the activity of multiple identities: Apart from these mainly feminist writers, authors writing about sexuality have come up with similar concepts and ideas. Attention has shifted from sexual actions to the cultural and social context in which they take place Parker and Gagnonwhile medical epidemiology, however, is still caught in its quantitative quest for description of the sexual Free adult personals in new leipzig of sex workers: In this way it decontextualizes sex, and in our case prostitution, while making stereotypes of the sex workers by focusing on only one dimension of their identities.

The post-modern, post-structuralist approach proposed here clarifies the competition between values, the domination of certain ideologies in a society Wolffers and helps us to understand how effective identities are in maintaining self esteem and reaching personal goals. According to Jeffrey Weeks sexuality is woven into Fuck women in surabaya web of all our identities Weeks Dennis Altman discusses social construction of the sex worker identity and observes that the relationship between money and sex is complex and fluid and the demarcation of prostitution correspondingly vague Altman In this article we will see for instance how a client relationship changes into a regular client relationship and may even develop into a lover relationship.

In all these roles the man will pay for the sex services. In this light it is essential to understand the difference between the way sex workers themselves define their identities and the way outsiders do this. The independent young woman going on weekend days to a bar to pick up a man she likes, who will support her with the cost of daily life, does not see herself as a sex worker, while the epidemiologist will put her in that category for the sake of the research and interventions. This implies a conflict between self-defined identity and identities as defined by others.

In our research we have focused on sex workers who identify themselves as being sex workers. Sex workers are moving from one identity to another and in doing that they are supported by certain rituals and codes. Dress and make up mark the role change from mothers, sisters, wives into sex workers. Some sex workers will keep the area where they live far away from that where they do their work. This is partly because of the fear of discovery, but also to keep their different lives apart from each other: Part of the importance of these rituals is based on the need to maintain self-esteem through defining the own identity versus letting your identity being defined by the others.

Another important code of conduct for sex workers is their emotional involvement. In their role as lovers or wives they are supposed to be emotionally involved, while in their role as sex workers they prefer to keep emotional distance. Sex workers for instance often refuse to kiss the client. Mixing these identities and the accompanying behaviours can be confusing for the sex workers, but in their work, conditions may arise that put the sex worker suddenly from one identity into another. An example is the entrance of a family member in the brothel. Another example is the gradual transition of a casual client into a regular client and in some cases finally into a lover.

The latter example will be used in this article to describe the transition from one role into another, from one kind of behaviour into another and thus from one identity into another. How does this process of change of relationship and thus of identity develop and what are the typical sets of behaviour that come along with it? In the three cities in Indonesia samples of female sex workers in brothel areas were selected as cohorts JakartaBandung and Surabaya in order to understand HIV-infection among them. In Surabaya the research was done in Tambak Asri and Bangunsari together a total population of approximately sex workers: All brothels with peer health educators were included in a second stratum.

In Jakarta the research was done in Kramat Tunggak in Tanjung Priok with a total population of approximately sex workers: The sex workers were checked on a two monthly basis for clinical and laboratory signs of STDs and each half year they were tested for HIV-infection. During the period of the research project no HIV-infections were found in these cohorts Ieven et al. In Surabaya and Jakarta sex workers were followed during three weeks with condom diaries in order to monitor condom behaviour and interviews were done about failed condom use by trained sex workers.

In addition to clinical and laboratory data, a team of social scientists collected social-economic data. The instruments used were quantitative data collection on risk behaviour and sexuality KABPs and condom diaries and qualitative data collection 6 focus groups discussions of 2,5 hours and 12 life histories on reasons for certain behaviours and 'sexual careers'. An extra factor in Surabaya was the research to understand the potential and constraints of peer education among female sex workers. This resulted in a wide variety of information on female sex workers in Jakarta, Bandung and Surabaya Basuki et al. This article is mainly based on the qualitative research, though where appropriate the data collected through the KABPs will be presented in order to give a more comprehensive description.

However, the KABPs were done among brothel-based sex workers, while the in-depth interviews also included other categories of sex workers. Where this is important this difference will be stressed in this article. For this article we used the data from Surabaya and Jakarta because from those cities we had the most complete data sets. Demographic results The mean age of the brothel-based sex workers in Surabaya is The mean age of the sex worker population in Surabaya is relatively old compared to Jakarta, since in Surabaya older sex workers who have only one or a few regular clients often keep on living in the brothels?

Of the brothel-based sex workers Their mean number of children is 1. Marital state of brothel-based sex workers in Surabaya and Jakarta Surabaya Jakarta Number percentage Number percentage Not yet married 31 5. The process is often gradual. The women may start as free-lancers who are working as assistants in barbershops and who will accompany a client or who are hanging out in discos and bars, where occasionally they may pick up a client. They see themselves in the first place as independent women and not as sex workers.

When the man pays something after having had sex it only seems normal in a culture where giving presents and favours to each other plays an important role. When my husband left me because of another woman I became frustrated. I went to several discotheques in the hope that I would meet a musician and that he would become my lover. However, when I met one he was already married. We got really close. We loved our intimate moments together. We went to restaurants and several times we had sex in a hotel. He always gave me some money afterwards. I never saw it as sex work, but as a token of sympathy because of my bad luck.

After the affair was over the step to go into sex work seemed relatively easy to T. She makes a living as a tukang pijit someone skilled in massage and doing laundry. When I do massage and the client asks me to have sex with him, I will do it if I like him. When I have no special feeling for him I will refuse his offer. After having had sex the client will give some money as a present. Depending on how dependent the sex workers have become on this kind of income the moment comes closer where they will admit to themselves that they are sex workers and accept the identity.

This moment of acceptance comes closer when they are in sex work already for a longer period of time. First my best friend's sister asked me to stay in her house during the weekend. Then she asked me to go out with her. We went to a five-star hotel where she introduced me to her friend. He was a young, generous gentleman. I got used to living glamorously and taking ecstasy pills. For that lifestyle I needed the money. When the gentleman did not like me anymore, my friends sister offered me to become an upper-class sex worker in order to be able to pay her back the money I borrowed from her to buy the ecstasy pills, tells 21 year old D.

On the other hand, those who are working from brothels and in the streets have to accept the sex worker identity. Formerly I did not know that this place was a brothel. I came to the city to find a job, but a strange guy trapped me. He locked me up for three days in a room and raped me three times a night. When I was freed and met the other girls working here as a sex worker, I realized what place it was. I was ashamed to return home without money. I was raped and no longer a virgin. I felt worthless and had the impression that people would look at me and see it. So I decided to become a sex worker, tells 16 year old I. And year-old widow N. When my friend took me to this place to get a job, I knew that it was brothel.

I refused to work as a sex worker. So I did the laundry for the sex workers here. But later on, when my family in the village needed more money and realizing that my income was so small, I decided to try it when the pimp asked me to work as a sex worker. Though most women accept this identity, they do not feel that they are sex workers 24 hours of the day. And here is where their other identities become important. There are different ways for the sex workers to keep these identities separated.

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Usrabaya those who work far away from aomen, this is relatively easy. They physically travel from one identity to the other. The fact that many are mothers provides Fuck women in surabaya with this other identity. From the KABPs among the brothel-based sex workers suurabaya Surabaya we surabwya that Dating really shy guys those who are or woomen been married Number of children Fucj brothel-based sex workers in Surabaya Ib percentage No children Presently she is the mistress of a Fuck women in surabaya driver and considers leaving the brothel.

My son is eight years old and stays with my mother in the village. I have told him that I work in a bookstore. I regularly send him money for daily expenses and bring him a monthly visit. I am very happy to have a son that gives me expectations for the future and the motivation to make enough money to quit from this kind of work. I have an eighteen-year-old girl who stays with me in my house in the city. She is studying at a private university. My late husband was with the navy and from his pension I could raise my daughter. When I feel lonely and need some money I come here to pick up a man. I told my daughter that I am doing small business to cover my daily expenses.

My daughter and my neighbours do not know that I am a sex worker. When I come home from my work and I see the children at home, I feel happy and proud to be a mother. My tiredness disappears and I feel good. Brothel-based sex workers mostly also live in the brothels and they do not have the possibility to travel to the other identity. They may see going to work as having to play another role, where they are using another aspect of their personality. During the day the women dress casually, wear old clothes and have no make up. They talk quietly and relaxed with us, researchers, also with the male researchers.

Some women have their children living in the area where they work, but most of the children are staying with the grand parents. At night they dress up and put on their make up. For that reason there are many beauty salons in the area. Their behaviour towards men Wap sexcam cet radically different when they are working. They take on a tempting and provoking attitude. Confusion of the roles that sex workers have to play In each sex workers career there are moments when the different identities cannot easily be kept apart.

This may be due to the sexualised role she must play in her work. Soliciting for instance demands from the sex worker to be tempting in order to convince the potential client to make use of her services. She has to fulfil the stereotypical expectations about femininity that their male clients have which may be in strong contrast with the way they want to be seen by, for instance, The beauty and the senior family members and neighbours. Of course, apart from their work there are also other situations in daily life where women use their skills to convince men to give them certain favours, but in the sex work situation the rules for this seduction are different.

If, while soliciting, the sex worker is confronted with someone she knows from her other life, she is in a rather confusing situation. A sex worker, for instance, will not give her work address to her family, but instead she will give the address of a friend. Sometimes this other address is not even in the same city. The friend will refer the mail to her work address. I am afraid that my parents will find out what I am doing and not accept me as their daughter anymore, 18 year old Y. Sex workers in both Surabaya and Jakarta try hard to keep these different worlds apart: My husband passed away several years ago, and I had to sustain my four children. They do Casual sex dating in idaho falls id 83415 know I work here every day.

I told them that I work at a restaurant. Sometimes the family members know about the work of their daughters or sister. A sex worker from Jakarta told: Some mothers come to Kramat Tunggak regularly to ask money from their daughters. However, more frequently the two worlds are strictly separated. The shame of being Fuck women in surabaya doing this work is exactly the result of the incompatibility of the two identities: The sex workers in Surabaya, working in brothels and also living there will often rent a room in another part of town, where they can receive their families from the villages. As they do this collectively, the cost is bearable. It is one of the ways to keep the worlds in which the two identities belong apart.

However, sometimes the two worlds cannot be separated. One day, 29 years old A. Initially she was surprised and very embarrassed. She tried to hide, but because she needed money and still loved him, she made love with him. Another situation where the different identities can no longer be separated is that of the sex worker dealing with a client and that of the woman who is in need of warmth and companionship. The tamu The client of the sex worker is called tamu, meaning guest or visitor. There is no emotional relationhip of the sex worker with the tamu and the interaction between sex worker and tamu is characterized by behaviour that stresses this emotional distance.

The sex worker will demand from the tamu that he cleans himself before the sexual act. Inspecting the sexual organ of the tamu and washing his genitals is Fuck women in surabaya part of the interaction. This is because the stranger is potentially kotor, meaning dirty. When I have a tamu, I always look at his appearance and check his odour. When he looks dirty and smells bad, he may have a disease. To check this I squeeze his sexual organ to see whether there is any discharge. If there is discharge I suggest him to use a condom. And if he does not want to use a Sluts in fasnacloich, I ask him to bathe carefully before having sex.

It looks as if the concept of kotor helps the sex worker to keep the emotional distance towards the client. After the sexual act the sex worker will have to clean herself from this kotor-ness by washing her vagina with a sirih leaf folia bettel decoction a traditional herbal remedywith Dettol a cleaning agent or Odol an Indonesia tooth past brand or with an aseptic soap sabun Asepso. I feel secure because when I wash myself with toothpaste my vagina becomes pedes hot and that will kill the germs and bacteria. In addition to a hygienic measure this also has the effect of a purification rite: Condom use is another part of behaviour that may play a role in keeping the emotional distance to the tamu.

Though still many clients refuse to use condoms during their sexual intercourse with the sex workers, and though many sex workers still do not dare to refuse unprotected sex if the client does not want to use a condom, most sex workers will try to negotiate condom use with new clients. Sex workers from Jakarta told: I try to frighten my clients that they might get AIDS if they do not use condoms. I always say to my clients that we should take care of our health, to prevent ourselves from disease. I said to my clients who refused to use condoms that they should try first.

If they do not like it they can take it off. Condom use has often become similar to professional behaviour of sex workers and they can be very frustrated if they do not succeed to convince the client to use one. A good example of this is brothel-based 23 years old P. Before she got in touch with Hotline Surya, she did not use condoms consistently, but once she was working with Hotline Surya she understood the importance of condom use and now she tries to use a condom every time she has sex. However, often there are clients who refuse using condoms. In these situations P. She will check the client to see if he is clean and will try to find out if he has been going with girls in areas of town that are considered as being more kotor or dirty.

Then depending on how bad she needs money, P. Sukarti, from Tambakasri explains that condom use also depends on the clients. Most of her clients are regulars and she already knows if she can use a condom with him or not. With what she calls abnormal clients she will not use a condom. These are clients with slow erection, because condom use will make it even worse and the act will take too long. Another category of abnormal clients are those with quick ejaculation, because there will be no time to put on a condom and if the client comes before the sexual act he will not pay. As Jakarta and Surabaya are big ports, part of the clients are sailors from other countries.

The sex workers are well aware that the sailors go to different ports and have different relationships with all kinds of women. Non-Indonesian men are less near and the sex workers see these foreigners as different because they eat different food. Using different food is essential to distinguish between pribumi people form the same land and thus using the same food and foreigners. Because their food is different, their sweat is also different from ours. So if we have sex with them, we may get a disease, told one of the sex workers in Jakarta. When asked what they mean with foreigners the sex workers answered: People who originally come from other countries, like Chinese, Malaysian.

It is striking that though Indonesia has a population of three million Chinese, most Indonesian sex workers also considers Chinese clients as being different and non-pribumi. It seems that there aren't any strip clubs in Surabaya. You can still approach and ask the local taxi drivers or the street vendors in order to find out if they know any place that has a similar ambience and availability of services that are generally found in strip clubs and lap dance joints. Karaoke and KTVs Want to show your business here? KTVs hostess karaoke bars with beautiful female staff are popular in some parts of Asia but you cannot find any of them from Surabaya. Find thousands of play partners for whatever your fetish may be; bondage, foot, cockold, spankings, role-play, electric or water play, sadism and masochism.

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