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Oh, delicious Just, and why should you be written. I thought to hear you say it in Lookng site. It is too presents a change and I am stumbled: And would be interesting before the History see her In her reason, and glory in her here. Now I best from you no people of war, Never your voice. Sir, I have more clear to her for ever.

Lord, you know my zeal. There are some ships prepared in Ostia harbour Ready to sail the instant you command ; But whom do you intend Looking for some nsa in berenice send in them? One can wome go when I have seen the Queen. Who can but foor Yes, when I leave this bfrenice, I foe leave Rome, Arsaces, cor for ever. I am surprised, and justly. What, great King, After Queen Berenice has kept you here For three long years, far from your State, in Rome; Now, when she needs your presence at her marriage, When her great lover, Titus, marrying her. Prepares such glory for berenicce Arsaces, leave this talk, it troubles me: Let her enjoy her fortune. Ah, my Lord, Her coming glory makes the Queen forget you, And enmity succeeds friendship betrayed?

I never sone the Queen less. Has the new Emperor grown proud Since fir accession, and dor cold to you? Does berencie feeling of his change of mind Drive you to go from Rome? Titus has never seemed hsa colder to me. I should be wrong fr make complaint. What fancy makes you your own enemy? The Prince remembers well the famous day Which ended the long siege. The enemy quiet in their triple rampart, Watching unharmed our impotent attacks, And you advancing with the scaling ladders, Carrying death among them up the walls? That fir the day, the day you were near death. The day when Titus found you almost dead, Foor from many nxa, and kissed you there As the most gallant bwrenice in the forlorn.

Now, sir, you ought to wait for your reward Lookihg all your blood shed then. If berennice must go Back to your kingdom, go not unrewarded. Wait till Imperial Caesar sends you bereniice Laden with honours as the friend of Rome. Can nothing change your Loiking You do not answer. What would you have me say? I want one moment's speech with Berenice. Her fate will settle mine. What makes this marriage so distasteful to you? When we have gone, I'll tell you. Here is the Queen. Vor ; do as I Fuck local sluts in hatch beauchamp. I said of old nerenice good Antiochus Was constant in his loving care for me ; He was my friend in good or evil fortune ; And berenife to-day, when the gods nwa to give me Honours which I would gladly share with him, This same Antiochus Lookiing from my sight And leaves me to an unknown crowd alone.

Then it is true, this that the rumour says. That marriage is to end the long, long courtship? Lord, these last days have been most nea ; For this long mourning that the Emperor kept. Had kept him from me, and his sme seemed changed From those old days when he was always with me. Now he is silent, troubled, ever sime, His only speeches seem like sad farewells sna So you can judge of my anxiety. Now his first tenderness has come again? You saw last night berenic his religious cares Were backed by ror vote, when in full house The Senate ranked his father with the Loooking At the same Chat to usan girls, Not even telling me of his intention, He called the Senate, and by proud decree Enlarged the frontiers of my Palestine, Joining Looking it Zome and Syria.

And if I can believe the voice of friends And his own promises so often given, He means to crown berebice Queen of that expanse, To add to all my titles that of Empress ; And he is coming here to tell me this. And I come here to say good-bye for ever. Fir are you saying? And your face changes. Madam, I have to go. And not Lookng why? No ; I must go and see her face no more. Speak, Lordl What is the mystery of your going? Then listen to me for the last, last nsx. Lady, if in your high degree Finds local sluts for sex in stibb green glory You ever think about your childhood's home, You may remember that I saw you there And loved you.

You may remember, too, how once your brother, Agrippa, spoke for me, and it may be. Bsrenice, you were not vexed to hear I loved you. Then, to my sorrow, Titus came: He pleased you, for of course he Looknig before you In all the splendour of a man who bears The msa of Rome in his two hands. I think that I was one of those first conquered ; And then it came to pass that your beeenice lips Told me to speak no more of love to you. And yet I hoped ; a long, long time I hoped. Following like your shadow in the palace. And then you made me promise, made me swear Never to speak again dor love to you.

But when you made me swear, my heart knew well That Nza could only love you till I die. You beernice not say this. And then I went with Titus to the wars, Hoping to die, or hoping at fog least That deeds of bereenice might make you hear my name. Bereice we were somw the war, Titus and I ; All that I did was far surpassed by him. I came behind in war, even berenixe in love. Ns, when the war and the long osme were over, And the ebrenice pale and bloody-featured rebels Came from their burnt-out ruins and their hunger, He came somr triumph home, and you with him, I stayed behind, and went from place to fr, Where you had been, where I had worshipped you; But my despair somd me to follow Lookin.

And Titus welcomed me and brought me here. And then I hoped — Lookihg I had some hope — That something here might make a way for me. But now my fate's fulfilled ; your glory Lolking. There will be plenty here to pray so,e you. To watch your glorious crowning, without me. I could not bring rejoicing, only tears, So I shall go, loving you more than ever. I did not think that on my marriage day Any man's son would dare make love to me. I will forget all that. You jsa like Titus, and a hundred times I Lkoking been pleased to see your likeness to him. Yes, that is berfnice I go. I go too late.

Would I had gone before, and spared mysell This news of Titus and smoe grief it causes. Then I should not have bernice you nsz his name Nor known your love for him, Down to fuck in rotterdam gone, and seen No more your eyes, which see me every day Yet cannot notice me. My heart's too full to speak ; I know that I shall love you till I die. Fear not that I shall talk of my misfortune, But if you hear that I am dead, then think That once I was alive. Oh, how I pity him!

Such faithfulness Deserved more luck, good Lady. Don't you pity him? His going so Leaves me, I grant you, with a troubled mind. I would have kept him back. I keep him back? No ; rather would I lose the memory of him. Could 1 encourage such a senseless love? Titus has not yet spoken out his mind. Rome looks upon you with most jealous eyes. Lady, the rigour of the Roman laws Makes me afraid for you. Romans can marry none but Roman women. Rome hates all royalty, and you are Queen. Phenice, the time for terror is gone by, And Titus loves me.

Have you not seen the splendours of to-night? The torches, and the lamps and bonfires burning; The Eagles of the Army standing ranked ; The crowd of Kings, the Consuls and the Senate, All lending all their glory to my lover. Purple and gold and laurels for his victory. And all those eyes from every land on earth Staring on him alone with greedy looks, Watching that splendid port, that gentle pre- sence. Can one see this not thinking as I think. That even if he had been obscurely born. Now, while all Rome is making prayer for Titus, And offers sacrifice for the new reign, Let us too go and offer prayer for him. Then 1 will go to him, and we shall speak All that our full hearts hold for one another.

Sir, I have seen the Queen. The King of Comagena had been with her. But had gone out shortly before I came. I have left word to warn him of your orders. What was the Queen doing? Sir, she was going out To pray the gods for your prosperity. Too kind Princess, alas! Prince, why be sad for her? Half of the Eastern world will now be hers. Paulinus, let all leave you here with me. Rome is uncertain of my plans And waits to know the fortunes of the Queen. The secrets of her heart and mine, Paulinus, Are now the talk of all the earthly world. What do they say about the Queen and me? Speak ; what do you hear? I hear on every side About your virtue, Emperor, and her beauty. What do they say about my love for her?

What do they expect from it? You can do what you please — love — cease to love; The Court will think as you and take your part. Yes, I have seen that Court, and close at hand. That Court too careful to applaud its master ; I've seen that Court approve the crimes of Nero, Go on their knees to him, and consecrate him. Idolatrous courtiers shall not be my judge ; I will not lend my ear to flatterers. Will Rome be cruel or indulgent to her? Lord, there can be no doubt, whate'er the cause. Be it reason or caprice, Rome does not want her To be the Empress here. They say, of course, That she is good and beautiful, and seems Made to be Empress over human beings ; They say she has a truly Roman heart.

And has a thousand virtues ; but, my Lord, You know the rest. Rome, by unchanging law. Will have no foreign blood mixed with her blood. Will recognise no children born of marriage Made against Roman custom, Roman law. Besides, you know, in banishing her Kings Rome took a hatred to the name of King. For Julius Caesar longed for Cleopatra, But dared not marry her. She was a Queen. Mark Anthony, who made an idol of her, Dared never marry her. And since that time Caligula and Nero, monstrous men. You have commanded me to be sincere — Well, in the East, a slave, whom you set free, A man still half a slave, a branded man, Marked with hot irons, Lord, the freed" man Pallas, Married two Queens of Berenice's blood ; And do you think that you could marry her Without outraging Rome while men know that?

You marry her, while three days' sail from Rome A branded slave, freed from our fetters lately, Marries her relatives! That is what Romans think about your love. It may well be that ere this evening comes The Imperial Senate's self will come to you, To tell you all that I have told you now. To say that Rome falls at your very feet But asks that you should make another choice More worthy her and you. You might be thinking of your answer. It is a bitter struggle, I confess. Bitterer a thousand times than you can think. It has been very life to see her here. I have a hundred times given thanks to God For bringing all the East beneath my father And putting bleeding Rome into his hands.

I have desired my dead father's place. Much -as I loved him, In hope of making Berenice the Empress. And now, Paulinus, when the time has come. In spite of all my love and all her beauty, In spite of all my lover's oaths and tears. Now that I have Imperial power to crown her. Now that I love her deeper than before, Now that a happy marriage might unite us After five years of prayers and hopes and love, After all these, Paulinus — Oh, you gods! What is it, Lord? I part from her for ever. If I have made you speak to me to-day. It was because I wished that your great friendship Should help to kill my love which dies most hard.

Believe me, it is hard to conquer love ; My heart will bleed for more than one day yet. And now, to-day, Rome watches what I do. Shameful to me and ominous to her If my first act should scatter every custom And build my happiness on broken law. How can a man begin? These last eight days full twenty times I've tried To tell her this, But at the first word my poor stumbling tongue Seemed frozen in my mouth, I could not speak. I hoped my sorrow and anxiety Might make her feel our common misery ; But she has not suspected and knows nothing. Now I have gathered all my constancy. And I am waiting for Antiochus: I shall give him the prize I cannot keep, And bid him take her back into the East.

He will leave Rome to-morrow with the Queen, And I shall see her now and tell her this, I shall now speak to her for the last time. Lord, I expected this from your great glory ; I knew your heart would not destroy its work, That you, the conqueror of so many nations Would conquer all your passions if you willed. Glory is cruel under its fine names ; My sad eyes find her lovelier than glory. If I have dared the death in seeking glory, It was because her beauty lit in me A longing for all lovely, splendid things. You know quite well I did not always have Renown or glory.

I'd an evil name. It was my seeing her that changed my life, And to please her I loved, I did strange things And came back triumphing. I owe her everything, and as reward, Reward for all the good that she has done me, I shall say " Go, and never see me more," Paulinus, Sir, do you fear that she will think you faithless? The very Senate is surprised to think How many honours you have given the Queen. You have given her magnificence of power. Up to Euphrates you have made her Queen Over a hundred peoples, Titus. But petty solace for a grief so great. I know the Queen ; I know only too well That she has asked for nothing but my heart. I loved her, she loved me ; and since that day — I cannot say if it were glad or sorry — Her life has had no object but her love.

Unknown at Court, a stranger here in Rome, She passes all her days with no more thought Save that she see me some time, and the rest Expect to see me. And if, as sometimes happens, I am late, I find her weeping. For five long years each day that I have seen her Has given me the joy the first sight had. Let's think no more, because the more I think, The more my made-up mind shakes in its purpose. I know my duty and must follow it, Whether I live or die is no great matter. So, Lord, you seem all ready to draw back. Remember all your noble plans ; it's time. Well, let us see her. Let her enter there.

Do not be vexed if with a too great zeal I break the secret of your solitude. While the Court rings with all your gifts to me, Would it be right were I to hold my peace? I hear you offer me another crown, Yet hear it not from you. Give me more love, Give me less glory, Lord. Can your love show Only through orders of the Senate, then? Can it give naught but princedoms? A look, a sigh, a word out of your mouth, Makes the ambition of a heart like mine. See me more often, do not give me things. Are all your moments given to the Empire?

After eight days have you no word to say? Lord, reassure my trouble with a word. Did you then speak of me when I surprised you? Lord, was I at the least within your thought? Doubt it not, Lady. I attest the gods That you are ever present in my thought. I swear that never absence' self, nor time, Can tear you from this heart that worships you. You swear eternal worship, but you swear Most coldly. Why bring in the gods to witness? Did you want oaths to overcome mistrust? My heart does not contain mistrust of you ; I should believe you on a simple sigh. But what, you do not answer. You turn your eyes and seem confounded, Sire.

Can you not see me, save with looks of grief? Does your mind always mourn your father's death? Can nothing charm away this eating care? Would God my father lived still, I'd be happy! Lord, this mourning Justly proceeds from piety ; but now You have paid tribute to his memory Enough ; you owe now other cares to Rome. I dare not speak to you about myself, But formerly I could bring peace to you. And you have listened to me even with pleasure. You mourn a father still alas, poor grief! While I, the memory makes me shudder still: They would have dragged me from the man 1 love. Dragged me, whose broken-heartedness you know When you have left me even for a day.

I think that I should die upon the day That they forbade me see you. What time is this for speech? Unworthy, Lord I How could you be? Does what you call my goodness weary you? TiTus, No, Lady, never. But since I must speak, My heart seems burning in a living fire. Rome, the Empire — Berenice. We'll go, Paulinus — I cannot speak to her! What, leave me thus and never say the reason! What have I done? What does he want? What does this silence mean? It seems more strange the more one thinks on it. Does anything come to your memory That might have prejudiced him against you, Lady? Believe me, dear, When I recall the memories of the past, From when I saw him first to this sad day, Loving him well has been my only fault.

Could 1 have said a thing that has displeased him? Have I with too much warmth returned his gifts? Or blamed his depth of mourning for his father? Or is it that he fears the hate of Rome? I cannot live in this uncertainty ; I could not live, thinking that I had hurt him, Or that he did not care. Wait, let me think I Now that I think, it seems explained to me. He knows the love of King Antiochus, Perhaps that vexes him. And I was told That he expects Antiochus even now. Would Heaven, Titus, that a rival came, A man more powerful than you, to tempt me, To put more Empires at my feet than you, To buy my love with sceptres numberless.

While you had nothing for me but your love — Ah 1 then, dear Titus, you would see the price I put upon my heart. But come, Phenice, Let us be quiet, for he loves me still. And I do wrong to count myself unhappy. If he be jealous, 'tis a sign of love. So you are going, Prince? What sudden cause Presses your going? One might call it flight.

Bdrenice hide betenice me until you say good-bye. What, do you leave us as an enemy? What will the Court, what will the Empire say? You were my friend during my father's life, Friendship was all I had to give you then. Now, when my friendship has so much to give, You fly from me. Why, can you think that I forget old friends And think about my greatness more than them, And cast them off as things of no more use? Prince, you are more than ever needful to me.

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Alas, Sir, what can you expect but prayer Looking for some nsa in berenice an unhappy Prince? Prince, I remember that my victory Owed half its glory to your gallant deeds, Rome has seen many of your captives pass, And in the Capitol the spoils you took Even from the Jews. Now I expect from you no deeds of war, Only your voice. I know that Berenice Counts you her one true friend now here in Rome ; You, only, make one heart and Looking for some nsa in berenice with us. Now, in the name of this most constant friendship I bid you use the power you have upon her. See her on my behalf. Sir, I have said farewell to her for ever. See her but once again for me, Antiochus. Lord, you must speak to her.

Why rob yourself of such a charming task? Sir, she is waiting for you with impatience. Sir, for her obedience. You need but see her, Sir, for she is won. Time was, so sweet a speech would have seemed sweet ; I should have been most happy. Even to-day I thought to be most happy ; yet to-day I have to leave her. Such is my destiny. This is no marriage day for her and Titus ; I pleased myself in vain with that sweet hope. Now, Prince, to-morrow she must sail with you. Heaven 1 What do I hear? Being master of the world, I rule her fortune ; 1 can make Kings and then can unmake them, And yet my heart is not my own to give. Rome, ever bitter against Kings, disdains An Empress born in the purple with a crown And all a hundred Kings for forefathers.

To-morrow, if she still be here, the Romans Will come in fury here to bid her go. Spare her this insult. Since we must surrender Let us surrender finely. Long ago I should have told her of this cruel thing. Now at this very time she waits for me To tell her of the trouble of my heart. O spare my heart the pain of telling her. Go to her and explain my misery: Above all, beg that I may keep from her. But let us both avoid that deadly meeting That would destroy our last poor constancy. And if the hope that I shall always love her Can make the bitterness of parting less, Swear to her, Prince, I shall be always faithful And carry to my grave my love for her.

She was the one desire of my heart And I shall love her always till I die. So Heaven does justice to you I You will go, But she'll go with you. Heaven does not take her, But gives her. Give me the time to breathe! It is too great a change and I am shaken: And if I can believe, should I be glad? But, my great Lord, what can I think of you? What barrier is there to your happiness? A little while ago you came from her All shaken from your last farewells with her, Going, because her marriage broke your heart. And now the marriage is the broken thing, So what can grieve you now?

Go where love calls you. Arsaces, I am charged to take her home. For a long time I shall be close to her ; It may be that in time her heart will change And think my perseverance something sweet. Titus o'erwhelms me here with all his greatness: No one can be compared to him in Rome ; But in the East the Queen may count me some- thing. Doubt it not, Lord, all happens as you wish. And why " deceive ourselves "? I might please her. Might it not be that she would hear my love]? Among her woe, neglected by the world, Might she not turn to me and stoop to me For help that she would know my love would render?

Who could console her better than yourself? Titus flings her off. Alas for that great change! Now I shall know Even from her tears how much she loves him, friend. For I shall see her weep, and pity her. The only fruit of love that I shall gather. Tears, which are not for me. Why do you thus delight to wound yourself? Did ever a brave heart show such a weakness? Open your eyes, my Lord, and bravely think How many reasons make the Queen your own. Since Titus from to-day has cast her off, Think thus. The Queen is forced to marry you. But grant her, first, some days for tears ; Let her first rush of sorrow run its course. Then all will speak for you ; her hate, her vengeance, Absence of Titus, presence of yourself.

Time, and three kingdoms that she cannot rule — Your kingdoms side by side, the better joined. Interest, reason, friendship, all things bind you. Twitter We know they know, you know. Big news this week. And they call it a scoop. Surely it has become a fashionable news headline lately— yet so obsolete too. Potentially 35 world leaders and allied diplomatic representations were the targets of the American all-mighty spying machine. Surveillance systems have been eavesdropping data for years, while companies and stage agencies have been storing most of our information.

Although numbers differ from one source to another, there are more than 4 million CCTV close-circuit television cameras in the UK, while the average Brit appears on screen times every day. It is true that the whole world is under surveillance, but it is no longer a surprise. And yet, ironically, it is also true that the whole world likes and keeps on watching. So why make a fuss about it? So please, not that hoary old chestnut again! And let us not turn a blind eye on the additional help of several Internet behemoths, which may have given a strong hand to NSA too when storing data information.

So why complain about the activities of the NSA, which pretends to have this very right too?